From a young age I enjoyed building contraptions from LEGO and taking household appliances apart. Throughout school I followed this mind-set; proving to be strong in Mathematics and Physical Science. I became involved in the Computer Robotics and Electrical Design society during my high school years and competed in the FIRST LEGO League. I applied to do Electro-Mechanical Engineering at University of Cape Town that provided a path for exploring both mechanical and electrical design and development. During the four years of study I found myself enjoying the complex dynamic problems given in university courses such as Dynamics and Vibrations. I also relished in how one can describe the complete dynamics of a system through mathematics.  This along with my knowledge in programming and control opened my eyes to the world of possibilities in robotics and I was instantly captivated.

The Electro-Mechanical degree provided me with a deep understanding of both spheres of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and equipped me with an edge to be creative and innovative for the development of robotics.

One of the more unique areas of robotics is the design and development of bioinspired robots where animals hide the secrets to dynamic manoeuvrability. This immediately grasped my interest. Currently, legged robots are very slow and clumsy. Present systems are far behind the tasks that are achievable by humans such as acceleration and rapid gait termination.

I am now persuing this research field, investigating rapid acceleration motions of bipeds and building the first dynamic legged robotc platform in South Africa.