Non-identification – adapting to

Just to give a rough introduction to myself, I enjoy watching and understanding of the arguments in polotics, and follow a path of critical thinking. Some of the topics I come acress can provide some interesting tips on how to live a happier life. This one is about how you as a human react to […]

Rapid Acceleration and Braking in Bipedal Robots

As a part of my MSc. Thesis I submitted a paper concenring the use of trajectory optimisation to assist in the selection of physical parameters in a bipedal robot. Due to the assymetry, complexity and lack of research of rapid acceleration locmotion, it is near impossible to use typical techniques to select parameters such as […]

MSc. Thesis

Currently completing my Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering. My project title is ‘Design for Rapid Acceleration and Braking Manoeuvres in Bipedal Robots’. This project has covered many different areas mainly being: Investigating existing platforms. Selecting a suitable actuation and leg morphology. This was a scissor leg morphology using high density BLDC motors along with […]

Final Year Undergraduate Project

      March 2016 – November 2016: The topic for my undergraduate project was “Develop an autonomous underwater vehicle”. This topic was broken between myself and a mechanical engineer. I was designated with developing the embedded system and control system. This included all the safety mechanisms, motor controllers and sensors to enable full autonomous travel given […]

Internship at Nomanini

June 2015 – July 2015: My third year vacation work was completed at Nomanini. This company develops a platform for cash-based services in informal markets for services such as selling airtime or electricity. For four weeks I worked at Nomanini. I started off by working with a test rig used to test the circuit boards […]

Blast Impact & Survivability Research Unit

   December 2014 – January 2015: I was an intern at BISRU (Blast Impact & Survivability Research Unit) which is apart of Mechanical engineering department at the University of Cape Town. I worked there for three weeks where work was done dismantling a car sled (used for simulating car crashes) and started on preliminary designs […]

Logans Original Internship

June 2014 – July 2014: The second part of my second year vacation work was completed at Logans Originals which designs, manufactures and installs chandeliers and lights. This internship had me sent to Panama City, Panama where I assisted in management and assembly of chandeliers in the Sun International’s two floors located in the Trump […]